Another happy customer!

Another happy customer!

Please read below a glowing testimonial from a recent happy customer.

I am quite nervous at the dentist and have had some questionable work done on my teeth over the years (NHS), which I was… very unhappy with, so I decided to bite the bullet and go private and it has been a revelation.

As quite a nervous patient, everything, bar knocking me out, is done to help me relax. Headphones are supplied with soothing music, which do help me a lot. I have completed about 7 out of 9 ish appointments, replacing a bridge on my front teeth, which was dreadful and bridging a two tooth gap at the side of my mouth.

Also root canal and gum treatment. I still have a crown to be replaced and a composite veneer, as well as a filling to be renewed. I also grind and clamp my jaws at night, so I now have a guard to wear on my bottom teeth at night to stop me damaging my teeth. Although an NHS dentist did pick that problem up, no one gave me any advise on helping it.

My front teeth now look excellent and I am looking forward to getting the other work done to complete my new smile. I can’t recommend Furqan enough. He is very easy going, gentle and reassuring and his staff are very thoughtful and kind too. I would highly recommend.

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