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Dental Check Ups

A dental check is more than just checking your teeth and is an important part of your overall health screening. We fully assess all your dental structures and support.


We will check lips, cheeks, neck, jaw joint, all the soft lining of your mouth, the supporting gum and bone structures, and finally, your teeth.


At every check we will carry out a mouth cancer screen to aid in early diagnosis and thereby improving treatment outcomes. For this reason alone we recommend all patients attend every 6 – 12 months for routine checks even if you have full dentures.


During our checks we will explain our findings and offer solutions to any problems we may encounter. You can be assured that you will be included in the decision making regarding your care. We want you to understand and lead those decisions. With this in mind our team are in favour of using cameras to help you visualise and understand the problems.


Indeed using the latest imaging and diagnostic techniques we can help our patients understand, we can educate and therefore you can feel truly trusting in the team caring for you.

Dental Hygiene

Prevention of dental disease is highly important to us, we want you to achieve great levels of dental health which in turn will help your general health improve too. Therefore, learning how to maintain great dental health as well as treating all aspects of gum disease is an integral part to our treatments.


At Bottesford Dental, all our dentists will carry out this care for you thus aiding continuity of care and helping you feel more comfortable.


We will

  • Clean your gums and teeth
  • Provide any more advanced gum treatments that may be required
  • Polish your teeth
  • Educate you and offer a personalised preventive plan that you will be able to maintain at home
  • Review the health of your gums on a regular basis
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Family Dentistry

All the family are welcome at Bottesford Dental. We encourage you to bring your children along for their first visit as soon as possible and certainly when their baby teeth erupt. Prevention is key to achieving great dental health so the earlier we can help ensure you are receiving the right care and advice, the better.


If you are a registered patient of Bottesford Dental on one of our plans, your children under the age of 12 will be seen free. We will also monitor their growth and development of their teeth and if necessary can arrange the right pathway for referral once orthodontics (teeth straightening) are required.


Establishing good habits from an early age are vitally important in achieving great dental health and many of our youngsters grow into adulthood without any fillings or dental disease.


We love to see our younger patients grow into confident, educated individuals, there is no need to worry if they are anxious as our team are fantastic with nervous patients.


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