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teeth straightening in nottinghamshire

Teeth Straightening

With new ClearSmile Aligner technology, we are now able to straighten teeth at any age, gently and quickly with discreet clear aligners. Gone are the unsightly metal brackets and bands that we are more familiar with, now no-one need know you are actually having your teeth straightened.


The clear aligners are changed every two weeks as your teeth change position into a more natural arch shape. Teeth are moved gently, this treatment is much more comfortable than standard orthodontic braces.


Treatment times vary from a few months to 18 months, depending on how misaligned your teeth are. The beauty with this treatment is that you will know how long your care will take and when you should expect to have the beautiful straight teeth you have always wanted.


It is usual to finish of this treatment with some contouring of teeth and perhaps a tooth whitening treatment too.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very simple treatment that can cause quite a marked improvement. At Bottesford Dental we use Whitewash Tooth Whitening which is a safe, reliable and predictable method.


Dental trays are custom made to fit over your teeth, we will then show you how to use these trays safely and how to apply the whitening gel. The Whitewash gel is a 10% carbamide peroxide solution which releases hydrogen peroxide safely to whiten your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be the only substance that will whiten teeth and whitewash delivers it in a safe, non-corrosive and non-dehydrating way.


The trays can be used at night as you sleep or during the day for a few hours. Our team will discuss the best way for you to proceed with this treatment.


The first stage usually takes two weeks after which time we will review your progress. Occasionally a little longer is required and sometimes less. One of the great aspects of this home whitening tray system is that you have the trays for top ups. We recommend a top up every six months to maintain the level of whiteness you prefer.

teeth whitening in nottinghamshire
smile makeovers in nottinghamshire

Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers have become very popular and many assume they are very involved. A smile makeover can be anything from a tooth whitening treatment with a contouring of a few teeth right through to teeth straightening, replacement of teeth with dental implants or many dental veneers.


It is important for our team to first assess your dental tissues and explore what you don’t like as well as what you do like.


Together we can then offer a selection of treatment options with prices and timings.


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