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Dental Fillings

With the advances in dental materials, many teeth can be repaired and restored using tooth coloured composite filling materials. These filling materials adhere to the tooth structure and in many situations help strengthen your tooth.


There are different grades of composite depending on where it is being used. For instance, a composite used for a front tooth will require greater aesthetics than that used for a biting tooth which requires great strength. We are fortunate to be able to use all the latest materials and offer you the best available.


We are great advocates of using our cameras to help you visualise why a tooth needs to be repaired and then to show you when completed. We find this greatly aids you in making decisions with us as to how to repair teeth.

Dental Crowns

Sometimes a tooth is so heavily broken down or worn that a composite filling will not provide a restoration that will last long enough. In those situations it may be necessary to provide a crown.


There are many different types of crown and we will discuss with you the options available at the time. We generally are looking for an aesthetic crown with great strength and may consider a porcelain bonded crown, a Zirconia or an Emax crown.


A crown will usually require two appointments to construct, one to prepare and then take a mould of the preparation. This will be sent to our very skilled dental technicians who will construct the crown in the dental laboratory. On completion the crown will be returned to our team who will then fit it to your tooth at the second appointment.

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Root Canal

When teeth are heavily broken down, abscessed or perhaps fractured, we will do our upmost to save them. This usually involves endodontic treatment, or root canal therapy.


In the past root canal therapy has had some bad press, however, with advancements in treatment protocols and instruments we are now able to better predict outcomes. We use the latest equipment and materials to ensure a straightforward comfortable experience.


Root canal treatment generally takes a couple of appointments, we will discuss with you how long we anticipate this treatment to take. We will also discuss how your teeth will be restored after this treatment too. It is usual to strengthen these teeth with a crown either immediately post treatment or within a six month period.


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